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How to choose a padel racket

Choosing the best padel racket for you and your style of play is a challenging task. There are many different factors to consider when chosing a padel racket.

What level are you at?

When choosing a padel racket, it is important that you find one that fits your level of play. A racket that is too heavy will make the game difficult to play with. As a beginner, you want a racket that gives you a good hit even with hits outside the sweetspot. A beginner racket will give you a good introduction to the sport.

As an experienced exerciser or advanced player, you can afford to sacrifice some control for more speed. A smaller sweetspot gives you less room for mistakes but will reward you with great shots when used right. You could say that a hard-to-play racket reinforces your strokes more than an easy-to-play one. Good strokes will be even better and the opposite is true for bad strokes.

If you are a beginner, you usually want a light and round racket that gives you more control and is easy to play with. If you have played for a few years and are an offensive player, a diamond-shaped racket may suit you better.

How often do you play?

Do you play often, or are you just getting started? If you play a lot, it may be worth investing in a premium racket. With many hours spent on the court, it is reasonable to play with a great racket. You will also not have to upgrade to a new one once getting the hang of padel! As a beginner, it is difficult to know how much you will play. There is always the risk that it will not be as much as you thought. It can therefore be good to find a slightly cheaper racket to be introduced to the sport, and then upgrade after playing for a while.

As a new padel player, you will not feel much difference between simple or premium rackets. As your game improve, the differences will get bigger.

Runda padelracket

Padel rackets with a round head shape have a large sweetspot with a balance in the middle of the racket and are often perceived as easy to play with and gives you good control. However, the round padel racket gives slightly less speed.

The round padel racket is best suited for beginners or exercisers. For more experienced players who value control most of all, the round shape will still be the best option.

Tear drop

A tear drop-shaped padel racket provides an excellent balance between speed and control. Here you get the best of both worlds and a racket to grow with if you are a beginner. As the name suggests, the shape looks like a drop and is therefore rounder at the top compared to a diamond-shaped racket head.

We recommend a drop-shaped padelracket for more experienced exercisers but also for competition players.


The diamond-shaped racket has a tapered shape that has more mass further up on the racket, making it more head heavy. The hitting surface is smaller and higher, but at the same time you get more power. With a smaller sweetspot, a diamond-shaped racket becomes more difficult to play with than a round or tear drop-shaped.

So who is the diamond shape for? It is for players looking for maximum speed in the game. For example, if you have previous experience in other racket sports or play a lot of padel with high ambitions, a diamond-shaped racket may suit you perfectly!

Read more about different padel racket shapes and features.


Something that affects the racket’s attributes in terms of speed, control and feel is the surface. People usually talk about soft and hard surfaces on the racket’s head. Just like in tennis, a hard surface gives you more control. With a hard surface, you generate the speed yourself and improve the precision. On the other hand, a soft surface helps you generate more speed.

The surface usually consists of either fiberglass, which gives a softer feeling, or carbon fiber, which is a harder material. There may also be mixtures of them both. Another part of the surface is the texture itself. A rough surface give you easier access to spin.

Need help to choose the best padel racket for you?

Then you have come to the right place! We at XLPADEL are padel enthusiasts, of beginners up to advanced players. Whether your question is about choosing a racket or something else, we will quickly assist you with professional advice so that you can make the best choice easily.


Here you will find useful information for your purchase of the padel racket!

How important is it to play with the right racket?

Choosing the right racket is of course important. The choice affects your game, and with the wrong racket you can actually develop slower as a player. However, we think it is more important that you choose a racket that follows your game level. Especially if you are a beginner! Beginners who choose a racket adapted to beginners are almost always satisfied with their choice. If you are a more advanced player, you naturally have higher requirements and the small differences between the rackets may be bigger. Then it is more important that the racket you choose suits your style of play. Maybe you focus most on control? Then you should choose a racket that is adapted to a more control-oriented playing style. As always, you are welcome to contact our customer service if you need assistant!

Can advanced players play with padel rackets that are suitable for beginners?

The most important thing to keep in mind besides not choosing a too difficult racket, is that it suits your style of play and role on the court. Even at the very highest level, we find players who use round rackets that are often categorized as beginner rackets. The reason is simple. It fits their style of play with control and precision as the highest priority.

Is an expensive racket better than a cheap one?

In general, the best padel rockets are found in the pricier premium segments. However, this does not mean that all expensive rackets are better than cheaper one’s! If you are new to the sport, it may feel more reasonable not to spend as much on a racket, as if you play several times a week. The difference between a cheap and expensive padel racket becomes greater the better of a padel player you become. As an experienced player, you will demand more of your racket and feel differences that a beginner may not even notice. The advice we usually give is that the most important thing is that your racket fits your style of play, but it should also fit your budget. We have great rackets in all different price ranges.

Which padel racket should I choose if I have a tennis elbow?

The tennis elbow problem has also found its way into padel. Tennis elbow puts strain on the muscle attachment on the outside of the elbow. The reason is overexertion through repetitive movement for a long period of time. When it comes to choosing a padel racket that is gentle on the arm, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want a light racket, it reduces the load on your arm. It is also important to have a racket with easily accessible speed. You get that with a softer racket.

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